Zig Wink of Luna Brush Pen

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Zig Wink of Luna Brush Pen

Glittering ink pens are the jewels of the metallic world – and Wink of Luna shines the brightest! Each Wink of Luna contains shimmering ink that adds a finishing touch to any art piece – the same way a gold necklace accents a stylish outfit. Special high-opacity components and colorful metallic sheen make Wink of Luna brush pens especially ideal for dark paper. Craft glittering greeting cards, create beautiful calligraphy letters, or spice up an illustration. No matter how you use the Wink of Luna, it is still everyone’s favorite tool for making any work sparkle!

ZIG Wink of Luna pens have large, flexible, nylon bristle brush tips available in 6 vibrant, metallic colors. Each water-based pigment was carefully crafted to be permanent, photo safe, lightfast, and acid free, used for card-making, rubber stamping, coloring books, and brush lettering!

Blending Tip

Taking two ZIG Wink of Luna pens, for a few seconds gently touch nib-to-nib. Keep the two pens horizontal and ink will flow from the top pen onto the tip of the second pens. After using the blended pen, clean excess ink off onto a piece of scrap paper or towel. This blending technique could also be combined with the Wink of Stella brush pen!

Shake well before using.