Hobonichi Cover A6 Eastern European Needlework

₱ 1,950
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Hobonichi Cover A6 Eastern European Needlework


  • Size: W4.6" x H6.5" x T0.9"
  • A6 Size (fits Planner and Original)
  • Main material: Polyester
  • Free: Cover on Cover

Every year, our lineup includes covers in the popular "World Folk Patterns" series, which features motifs from all over the world. This year’s design is a charming cross-stitch pattern printed on a glossy cover. The pattern contains a multitude of shapes and animals, including birds, flowers, and geometric shapes often featured in Eastern European cross-stitch designs. The cross-stitch design itself is cute enough on its own, so we’ve toned down the color scheme to give it an extra hint of maturity, with red and blue pixellated images stitched onto a white background.

When purchased in the online Hobonichi Store, this cover includes a plain Cover on Cover as a free Hobonichi Store exclusive.

In addition to protecting your cover from wear and tear, the Cover on Cover is a great place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations.