Hobonichi Cover A6 1994

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Hobonichi Cover A6 1994


  • Size: W4.6" x H6.5" x T0.9"
  • A6 Size (fits Planner and Original)
  • Main material: Polyester
  • Free: Cover on Cover

MOTHER 2 covers return to the lineup for 2017 after successful 2015 and 2016 designs. This year’s MOTHER 2 covers include 1994, Memories, and Ness.

This cover features a pattern based on the box art from the game’s original Super Famicom release in 1994. (Western audiences know the game as EarthBound, which was released for the Super Nintendo in 1995.)

According to the game’s creator, Hobonichi’s Shigesato Itoi, the MOTHER series’ bright red boxes, with their gold and silver logos, were modeled after Japanese chocolate bar packaging.

The cover’s interior and bookmarks are both black, to set off the red exterior. The interior is also printed with the MOTHER 2 logo in white.

This cover includes a large Mr. Saturn sticker as a free bonus. The sticker has strong, fade-resistant colors, and the material lightly repels water, making it perfect to apply to durable items like suitcases.