Hobonichi Cover A5 Cousin Snow Pink

₱ 2,150
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Hobonichi Cover A5 Cousin Snow Pink


  • Size: W6.5" x H8" x T0.9"
  • A5 Size (fits Cousin)
  • Main material: Polyester

This cover combines a snow-gray exterior with an elegant pink interior. The beautiful and refreshing shade of light gray matches perfectly with any situation, and is less prone to becoming dirty. We also recommend this cover for users who want a casual pink cover.

High-quality polyester construction gives this cover its sturdy feel and subtle shine—it’s durable enough to last a long time, but light enough to carry with you everywhere.

Sold separately in the online Hobonichi Store is the Cover on Cover, which protects your cover from wear and tear and provides a great place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations.