Hobonichi Cover A5 Cousin Emaki (Peach)

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Hobonichi Cover A5 Cousin Emaki (Peach)


  • Size: W6.5" x H8" x T0.9"
  • A5 Size (fits Cousin)
  • Main material: Polyester

The design for this cover is based on Japanese emakimono, or ancient illustrated scrolls. The diagonal patterns help illustrate the 2D world depicted in the scrolls, which often included this motif of clouds floating in the sky. This reinvented emaki design gives the traditional art form a simple and modern look with a warm feeling that fits the senses of modern Japanese.

The color scheme in this design features a subtle, cute peach-pink accented with ivory white patterns and clouds. Look closely and you’ll see slight smudges among the clouds to give them a fluffy look. The cover interior and pen holders are a bright green for a look that will put you at ease every time you see it.

The matte polyeseter cover material has a coarse feel that’s comfortable to the touch.