Hobonichi Cover A5 Cousin Caribbean Blue

₱ 2,150
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Hobonichi Cover A5 Cousin Caribbean Blue


  • Size: W6.5" x H8" x T0.9"
  • A5 Size (fits Cousin)
  • Main material: Polyester

The shade of blue in this cover evokes the image of the beautiful sea, and the deep brown interior brings together the look for a soothing and fun-filled vibe. This retro color scheme matches wonderfully with a wide variety of accessories.

High-quality polyester construction gives this cover its sturdy feel and subtle shine—it’s durable enough to last a long time, but light enough to carry with you everywhere.

Sold separately is the Cover on Cover, which protects your cover from wear and tear and provides a great place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations.