Hobonichi Accessories: Folder by Chihiro Yasuhara for Cousin

₱ 320
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Hobonichi Accessories: Folder by Chihiro Yasuhara for Cousin


  • Size: W:145mm×H:204mm
  • Main material: PET

This set of 2 see-through A5 folders fits perfectly with the Hobonichi Techo Cousin for storing receipts, clippings, and other items.

The designs by illustrator Chihiro Yasuhara provide a variety of enjoyable styles.

mou features a colorful pattern as seen through clumps of fluffy wool. The woven effect of the two different kinds of diamonds gives the cover a fascinating look.

mountain is illustrated in an interesting way that makes the sun, clouds, and a portion of the mountains stand out differently depending on whether papers are in the folder.

As each side of the clear folder features a different illustration, storing papers and photos in the folders separates the overlaid illustrations so you can see them in a new light against the contents.

Keep it at your desk for organization or put it in your planner cover pocket to carry around loose papers and clippings.