Calligraphy Workbook by @LettersOf Meeya

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Calligraphy Workbook by @LettersOf Meeya


This is great for:
✔ beginners / zero knowledge
✔ flourish lovers
✔ kids and adults
✔ girls and guys 
✔ big and small-tipped brush pen/marker
✔ watercolor calligraphy 
✔ pointed pen calligraphy 
✔ lefties, too (because the spiral loop is placed on top)
The workbook includes:
- Enhanced 60-page Calligraphy
- 2 Randomly Selected Brush Pens/Markers (No choosing of colors | Brand availability varies)
- Calligraphy Introduction
- Drills
- Alphabets / Letterforms *Uppercase Big Pen *Lowercase Big Pen *Uppercase Small Pen *Lowercase Small Pen *Uppercase Flourish Small Pen *Lowercase Flourish Small Pen - Couplets (Connecting letters in lowercase form)
- Lowercase Word Practice
- Uppercase Name Practice